NHL - stats explained

Skater Stats

Power Play Line - Is this player on ice during power plays?

Time on ice -  ­how much time does player spend on the ice? Great indicator of fantasy opportunities.

Shots on goal – shots taken at the net. Great indicator of player’s scoring ability

Goals scored – goals scored by skater

Assists – passes made that lead to scoring goals

Blocked shots – shots taken that were blocked by goalie

Plus minus – Goals scored when player on the ice minus goals scored when off the ice

Power play points – points made while on the power play line

Shooting percentage – percentage of shots that score divided by attempts


Fantasy Stats


Fantasy points– total fantasy point production

Fantasy/salary– calculates player’s value according to their current salary

Fantasy/ceiling – maximum fantasy points scored in one game this season

Fantasy/floor - minimum fantasy points scored in one game this season


Goalie Stats


Goalie wins- games won by goalie this season

Goalie goals against – amount of goals given up

Goalie saves – total saves by goalie

Save percentage - percentage of goalie saves to shots on goal

Goalie shutouts – times goalie ahs shut out opponent this season

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