Affiliate partner onboarding

Confirmation Email

After providing your user/password information, you will receive a confirmation email. Please click the "Complete Registration Now" button.

Provider Payment Information 

Once you have successfully logged in, please press "Modify Profile" to specify how you want to be paid (i.e. PayPal, check)


Revenue Tracking

Once you log into our affiliate portal, you will be greeted with dashboard that shows total clicks, impressions, conversions and commission earned. Your unique URL is also front and center on the dashboard.


Creative and Marketing Collateral

You can download banner ads, RotoQL's branding and more by clicking on the green folder icon next to the your affiliate link in the dashboard.

Content Syndication

As a value-add, we will send RotoQL's custom content to our publisher and influencer partners on weekly basis. We currently have two content types:

Helpful Links & Contact













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